Why you should use a site monitoring service

Do you have a website for your small business that customers use to get information like your contact details or details on your products/services? Do you use an email address that is attached to your website? For example [email protected]?

What happens if there is an outage with the hosting service for your website? Are you the first to know about it? How long would it take you to find out that your website has stopped working? If you’re using an email address on the domain, your email may not be working. How long does it take before you realise this has happened? Does a customer have to call you and let you know that your email is not working?

Did you know that site outages can negatively affect your site’s rankings in search engines (i.e. Google)?

The best way to ensure that website outages aren’t causing problems for clients trying to contact you or get information from your website is to use a site monitoring service like Pingdom. The service constantly checks that your website is online and can send email and text alerts to let you know when something goes wrong. For example, if your domain expires (god forbid – but this can happen if you are self managing your domain and don’t have a current email address on file for renewal notices for example).

We offer site monitoring services for clients starting at $5 a month and can take care of handling these notifications and following up for you if anything goes wrong with your website. Contact us today if you would like us to setup this service for your site.